The New Series Prologue included in Friday's Doctor Who roundup

Things are hotting up, yesterday saw the premier showing of the first two episodes in Cardiff, and today brings the Prologue video, details below in today's roundup...

New Series Prologue, New Series Prologue, Doctor Who - BBC One Could we be seeing the return of an iconic villain? 5 questions raised by the Doctor Who series 9 prologue Doctor Who's Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat at Cardiff screening How To Make A TARDIS Cake - Doctor Who: The Fan Show Producer Steven Moffat wants Doctor Who to continue 'forever' - BBC News Doctor Who BBC America Trailer Steven Moffat: I prefer watching classic Doctor Who in my spare time A Doctor Who musical episode is not completely out of the question says Steven Moffat - but a live one definitely is This formidable figure may lack eyes but definitely doesn't lack presence... #DoctorWho #scary #DrWho #BTS #whovian #fandom Peter Capaldi: I want David Bowie as a Doctor Who guest star Robots of Death Doctor Who: 8 best moments from series 8

Whovian Reviews

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Doctor Who Podcasts (warning some may not be suitable for children)

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