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Thursday, 1 October 2015

An Abandoned Base?, Under the Lake preview, plus Puppet hand mines, both included in Thursday's Doctor Who roundup


Onwards with today's selection of Whovian links...

An Abandoned Base? - Under The Lake Preview - Doctor Who Series 9 - BBC Watch Jenna Coleman keep her cool as US talk show host laughs at Doctor Who Timey Wimey Puppet Show: Hand Mines Watch out for Daleks, Charlie Brown Web 3 Teaser

Whovian Reviews

The Doctor Who Experience, Cardiff Bay - July 2015 Doctor Who News - Reviews: Four Doctors #5 Jago and Litefoot: Series Nine (CD Review) Doctor Who News - Reviews: The Magician's Nephew/ The Witch's Familiar - Special Omnibus

Whovian Events

Wigan Comic Con - The Winter Edition!

Doctor Who Podcasts (warning some may not be suitable for children)


Spoilers and Speculations (read at your own risk)

Does this clue from Doctor Who The Witch's Familiar mean a Dalek-Time Lord hybrid already exists?

Outside the TARDIS

Doctor Who's Freema Agyeman gets violent in new gangster movie North v South Matt Smith listens to iPod on set of royal drama The Crown DAVID TENNANT NEWS FROM WWW.DAVID-TENNANT.COM: David Tennant To Appear On Room 101 - Free Ticket Ballot Open Now

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Little Shop

Doctor Who: 10th: Year Two #1 Whoogle's Little Shop - Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time Omnibus Whoogle's Little Shop - TARDIS Eruditorum - An Unofficial Critical History of Doctor Who Volume 6: Peter Davison and Colin Baker