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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

'The Zygon Inversion' gallery, included in Tuesday's Doctor Who Roundup


Todays selection of links from the Whoniverse... 

Whoogle's News Desk: The Zygon Inversion - Gallery Move over Doctor, Clara's got her own blue box now 'Doctor Who' spoiler-free review: 'The Zygon Inversion' - CultBox Has Osgood stolen the Doctor's Sonic Sunglasses? Ask the Experts: What was your favourite episode to produce? - Doctor Who: Series 9 - BBC Peter Capaldi: Who is Doctor Who? Weekly Challenge: Create a game featuring Osgood! Dalek-Berry-Pi Mower Weekly Challenge Roundup: Halloween Monster Mashup! Daleks of the Day: Dalek Blue Period Win copies of the final classic Doctor Who DVD! TARDIS: The stuff you might have missed... Competitions Roundup

Whovian Reviews

Audio Who - Something Inside - A Big Finish Review The Blog of Delights: Doctor Who - Doom Coalition 1

Whovian Events

Jenna Coleman confirmed for Doctor Who Festival: 'the last chance to see her before her exit as Clara' Doctor Who Daleks are set to help exterminate cancer on Friday in Amersham

Doctor Who Product News

Torchwood - One Rule - Trailer by big-finish

Outside the TARDIS

Peter Capaldi to appear on Graham Norton Show the night before Maisie Williams returns to Doctor Who Mitchell and Webb: Doctor Who fans still ask us for autographs Noah Wyle: Doctor Who inspired the feel of The Librarians - but it didn't invent tweed

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Doctor Who: 8th #4 Doctor Who: 8th #4 (Edwards Variant Cover) Doctor Who: 8th #4 (Subscription Photo Cover)