Doctor Who Roundup for Friday, December 04, 2015

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Why we're hell bent on Hell Bent! This is Gallifrey! - Gallifrey through the ages... - Hell Bent, Series 9, Doctor Who - BBC One

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Audio Who - Year Of The Pig - A Big Finish Review TARDIS Musings Doux Reviews: Doctor Who: The Sensorites

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Hot Topic launches Doctor Who line for the fashion-forward time traveler BBC Store: The Beginner's Guide To Doctor Who The Underwater Menace: North American Release Update

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Does this new Doctor Who Christmas special picture reveal a returning enemy?

Outside the TARDIS

Karen Gillan is feeling blue on Guardians of The Galaxy 2 set Brian Blessed wants to find the baby he delivered in 1963

Blast from the Past

Moments in Time - A Life Sacrificed

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Doctor Who: Figure Collection Magazine #65 Sixth Doctor Doctor Who: 12th: Year Two #3 (Cover C 10 Copy Incentive) Doctor Who: Figure Collection Magazine #66 Fisher King
Doctor Who: 12th: Year Two #4 (Cover A Miller)