Doctor Who Roundup on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It's nearly Christmas and it's time for the latest selection of links from the Whoniverse...

TARDIS: It's the Stuff You Missed! #AskDW with Mark Gatiss 2- "A Female Master" - Doctor Who on BBC America

Whoogle's Whovian Miscellany

Top 10 Doctor Who Stories | HD Doctor Who: someone morphed together every Doctor's face, and you won't believe who it looks like The Eighth Doctor Rocks the Twelfth Doctor's 'Zygon Inversion' Speech | Nerdist #rufuscam: Action Figure, The Woman Who Lived, Series 9, Doctor Who - BBC One Daleks of the Day: Dalek & TARDIS Christmas Bauble Whovian Interview: KiwiClara The Husbands of River Song, Doctor Who - The Christmas Quiz (Episode Two) - BBC One Verity! Big Finish Giveaway!

Whovian Reviews

Doctor Who: A Review of The Underwater Menace Doctor Who Reviews - Jago & Litefoot & Strax - The Haunting Doctor Who: Series 9 Overview Official Doctor Who Figurine Collection - Issue# 2 (Journeys End) Doctor Who Reviews - Eighth Doctor Mini-Series #1 - The Paintings of Josephine Day Justin Richards Delivers a Mixed Bag in Doctor Who: The Time Lord Letters Doctor Who Reviews - Torchwood: Fall to Earth Doctor Who Reviews - Torchwood: Forgotten Lives

Whovian Events

Big Finish Day 8 ------------ Windsor 16th January 2016

Doctor Who Podcasts

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Spoilers and Speculations (read at your own risk)

Did River Song drop a spoiler for this year's Doctor Who Christmas special in The Pandorica Opens?

Outside the TARDIS

'Doctor Who' writer developing new 'War Of The Worlds' adaptation - CultBox Video: actors including former Doctor Who David Tennant re-enact Star Wars in 86 seconds Christopher Eccleston granted 'quickie' divorce from wife Mischka

Little Shop

Doctor Who: Time Squad: Series 1: Pyrovile Lethbridge-Stewart: Book 3: The Beast Of Fang Rock Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor: Volume 3