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There's a medical emergency! - The Husbands of River Song - Doctor Who Christmas Special - BBC Introduction to The Husbands of River Song - Doctor Who Christmas 2015 Merry Christmas Talent Montage, The Husbands of River Song, Doctor Who - BBC One Peter Capaldi turns on the Christmas lights in exclusive Doctor Who shoot Alex Kingston chats about River as full-time 'Doctor Who' companion - CultBox Steven Moffat 'actively engaged' in search for new 'Doctor Who' showrunner - CultBox

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Card The 10 Christmas Specials - Doctor Who - BBC Man makes Doctor Who sonic screwdriver lightsaber that's cooler than any Star Wars weapon 'Handles Interviewed' - Doctor Who: Ten Christmases: Preview Clip - Christmas 2015 The 12 Doctors of Christmas The 'Doctor Who' Villains, Ranked Do these original designs for the Doctor's new Sonic Screwdriver reveal it has a 'red setting'? 'Doctor Who': Final Thoughts On Clara's Exit Hear the Tenth Doctor nail Peter Capaldi's anti-war speech from The Zygon Inversion - kinda... Doctor Who: Which Master are you?

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Doctor Who: Series 9 - Recap 'Doctor Who' Christmas special spoiler-free review: 'The Husbands of River Song' - CultBox Doctor Who: Only The Monstrous Review The Blog of Delights: Doctor Who - The Mega

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War Doctor Trailer - Only The Monstrous The Diary Of River Song: Series 1 - Trailer by big-finish Doctor Who creators recall their "Embarrassing Moments" for Paul Cornell

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Peter Capaldi hints Doctor Who series 10 will be his last appearance as The Time Lord 'Doctor Who' Christmas teasers: 10 hints for 'The Husbands of River Song' - CultBox Everything we know so far about Doctor Who series 10

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BBC offers indies chance to make Strictly Come Dancing and Doctor Who

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Doctor Who: Complete History #11