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Doctor Who Roundup on Wednesday, March 02, 2016

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Could ex-EastEnder Rakhee Thakrar join Doctor Who as the new companion? Doctor Puppet Episode 7 - The Foregone Storm

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Don't blink! Weeping Angels wallpaper This Doctor Who fan's sculpture of Peter Capaldi is freaking terrifying The Talons of Weng-Jack Chiang: Father Ted Meets Doctor Who Doctor on Demand in South Korea Can you remember the very first words the Doctor said to these companions? Doctor Who: Our favourite companions from over the years... And the Award for Cutest Dalek Goes To...

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Doctor Who Character Reviews: Davros
Doctor Who: Infernal Devices Review
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Unit Day -------------------- Windsor 12th March 2016

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Keep calm - but the exclusive first trailer for David Tennant's return to Doctor Who is here New Ninth and Eleventh Doctor Comics

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David Lewis on Twitter Doctor Who Magazine on Twitter

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Doctor Puppet Episode 8 Indiegogo Campaign Announcement UNIT FILES on Flipboard It's GRAND! David Tennant auditioned to play David Brent's boss in The Office

Virtual Doctor Who

March mayhem in Paradox

Welcome to the website for Paradox Island, the oldest Doctor Who sim in Second Life. If you are new to Second Life, please wait until your avatar is over 3 days old before coming to the sim or you will be ejected until you are.

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Doctor Who: 9th #1 (Cover D Question 6)