Doctor Who Roundup on Friday, January 22, 2016

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Which K-9 is which? Can you match the Doctor to their last line? Which Series Was Your Favourite To Direct? - Ask The Experts - Doctor Who Did you spot this bizarre mistake in Doctor Who: Heaven Sent? Tim Worthington's Newsround: It's Still A Police Box, Why Hasn't It Changed? Part Two: Koquillion It Was Really Nothing Can you name the Doctor Who character from just a photo of their eye? Digitizing the Doctor Who Pinball Table Can you name the Doctor Who monster from just a picture of its eye? Artistic Doctor Who fan regenerates all of the Doctors into pixel art

Whovian Reviews

Audio Who - Doctor Who - The Boy That Time Forgot - A Big Finish Review 'Torchwood' audio story review: Jack's back in 'Uncanny Valley' - CultBox

Whovian Events

Doctor Who stars Noel Clarke and Billie Piper to attend Calgary Expo

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LEGO Dimensions Easter Eggs - Doctor Who: The Fan Show Doctor Who - The Churchill Years trailer

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BBC Archive on Twitter Scott Collura on Twitter

Outside the TARDIS

David Tennant to mark 400 years since Shakespeare's death with live BBC gala My ten favourite comedy movies: 'Doctor Who' star Peter Capaldi 'DC's Legends Of Tomorrow' Star Arthur Darvill On Those 'Doctor Who' Similarities And More [INTERVIEW] The crew on Arthur Darvill's new time travel show made him a makeshift Dalek Louise Jameson discovers the brilliance of Agatha Christie with The Mousetrap Christopher Eccleston reprises his role as a Madchester record producer in Brian Pern

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Doctor Who: The Drosten's Curse Doctor Who: T-Shirts: The Four Doctors