Doctor Who Roundup on Monday, January 18, 2016

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Doctor Who in Colour - True Colours - by Babelcolour 'Doctor Who': 10 Things You May Not Know About 'Rose' | BBC America Peter Capaldi's Rehearsal Secret - Ask The Experts - Doctor Who Series Nine Wins Golden Tomato Award Which of these Doctor Who monsters do you find scary? In Print Comic: Who's Cat 16 - Mike Key Can we guess your favourite Doctor Who companion from these 10 questions? The Practical Effects of Doctor Puppet "Twelfth Night" What if... Doctor Who had been around full-time in the 1990s?

Doctor Who: The Chair Agenda

It started earlier than you think. Rewatch The Curse Of Fatal Death -- they're talking about chairs on the Dalek ship ("I'll explain later") and of course the whole thing with the Master having breasts, the Doctor going from sexy (Atkinson, Grant) to old (Broadbent), and of course the sewers...

Whovian Reviews

Audio Who - The Haunting Of Thomas Brewster - A Big Finish Review Doctor Who Reviews - The Eleventh Doctor # 2:1 'The Then And The Now' Doctor Who Review: 12th Doctor's Flight Control TARDIS Remembrance of the Daleks - is it really that good? The Whovians Classics - Doctor Who - Invasion of the Dinosaurs Review: Doctor Who The Lost Stories - The First Doctor Box Set Doctor Who - Dinosaurs On A Spaceship - Review and Discussion Doctor Who Figurine Collection: Imperial Guard Dalek, Eighth Doctor, Chantho, Sensorite, Revenge Cyberman REVIEW - EARLY ADVENTURES 2.4: THE ISOS NETWORK - Planet Mondas Doctor Who Reviews - New Adventures Of The Tenth Doctor #14- The Spiral Staircase Part 2

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Doctor Who Product News

Doctor Who - The War Doctor 4: Casualties of War - Teaser by big-finish Never mind War And Peace - Here's some All-Out Dalek War! Doctor Who: Nightshade - Trailer by big-finish Torchwood - More Than This Trailer by big-finish

Outside the TARDIS

Doctor Who star calls on everyone to do THIS to beat Alzheimer's 'Doctor Who' stars team up to support fan's bucket list - CultBox Jenna Coleman sports leather jacket and cute dress as she surprises fans at Comic Con Netflix enlists 'Halt and Catch Fire,' 'Doctor Who' alums for 'Black Mirror' Give Doctor Who a chance in TV awards, urges director 'Hobbit house' on offer for £200,000 boasts an unusual feature

Blast from the Past

The Who is Doctor Who? conspiracy website still exists and features updates from Mickey Smith Torchwood Estate website reveals clues about a Doctor Who episode and the real origins of the name Torchwood

Virtual Doctor Who


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Doctor Who: T-Shirts: The Four Doctors