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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Doctor Who Roundup on Saturday, January 09, 2016


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Whovian Reviews

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Whovian Events

Doctor in the House: Peter Davison to attend Belfast Comic Con

Doctor Who Podcasts

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Doctor Who Product News

Doctor Who: The Paradox Planet (trailer) by big-finish

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David Lewis on Twitter

Spoilers and Speculations (read at your own risk)

'Doctor Who': Top picks for the new showrunner

Outside the TARDIS

What are these ex-Doctor Who stars are up to in 2016? Doctor Who Artists Deliver on new "Dad's Army" animated episode 'Doctor Who' actor joins 'EastEnders' cast as regular - CultBox

'Class' Report (A Doctor Who Spinoff)

Class to be a BBC America Co-Production

Blast from the Past


Little Shop

Doctor Who: Pop! Vinyl Figures: 9th Doctor Doctor Who: Pop! Vinyl Figures: River Song Doctor Who: Pop! Vinyl Figures: Sarah Jane Smith Doctor Who: Pop! Vinyl Figures: Jack Harkness