Doctor Who Roundup on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

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Creating A Story With Series 9 Writers - Doctor Who Making Who Sonic Sunglasses - January Sale Doctor Who writers were asked to finish each others' stories and the results are incredibly weird Doctor Who fan pulls off perfect proposal by asking his girlfriend to be his companion Is Doctor Who Science Fiction or Fantasy? - Overthinking It Never mind The Doctor, there's a time travelling cow called Doctor Moo Doctor Who cross stitch is officially a thing Win copies of Doctor Who Series 9 part 2! Happy Trails: Those Who Had a Fantastic Life Tardis Invitation Template - Invitation Templates

Whovian Reviews

Doctor Who - The Gunfighters My Geeky Geeky Ways: Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor #3 - A Review Classic Who: The Chase (William Hartnell - 1965) The Blog of Delights: Doctor Who - The Slitheen Excursion

Review: Doctor Who RPG: Series 9

On the occasion of completing reviews on Doctor Who's 9th series, I should like to re-imagine it as a role-playing game campaign using Cubicle 7's Doctor Who RPG. (Go back one, to Series 8 .) The GM Steven wants to do longer stories this time.

Doctor Who Podcasts

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Doctor Who Product News

Doctor Who: The Peterloo Massacre - Trailer by big-finish

Hello Tweetie

Doctor Who Official on Twitter Doctor Who Official on Twitter

Spoilers and Speculations (read at your own risk)

Steven Moffat's Doctor Who And The Secret Wars #9 Finale? (SPOILERS) - Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movie, TV News

Outside the TARDIS

A Dalek attempted to exterminate Piers Morgan live on Good Morning Britain Matt Smith is "hysterical" in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies says co-star Charles Dance Brian Blessed appointed patron of Guildford Shakespeare Company | News | The Stage

'Class' Report (A Doctor Who Spinoff)

Peter Capaldi wants the Doctor to appear in BBC Three's 'Class' - CultBox

Virtual Doctor Who

Even more additions to Paradox...

Thanks to the wonderfully talented Pipa Novelli a battle has come to the wasteland, see the Daleks take on the Mechanoids in a epic battle for supremacy (choose 'Battlefield' on the TARDIS lift). The Mechanoid stronghold 'Mechanus' is also now in Paradox's time bubble.

Little Shop

Doctor Who: Figure Collection Magazine #67 Scaroth Doctor Who: 12th Doctor: Volume 3 Doctor Who: Figure Collection Magazine #68 Colony Sarff Doctor Who 2015: Four Doctors (Forbidden Planet Exclusive Signed Edition) Doctor Who: Figure Collection Magazine Special #7 Face Of Boe