Monday, 1 February 2016

Doctor Who Roundup on Monday, February 01, 2016

A selection of miscellaneous links from the Whoniverse

Talking with Christel Dee and The Doctor Who Fan Show Elisabeth Sladen's Doctor Who timeline Art Haik - How to make a Dalek Ask the Experts: How have things changed since The Waters of Mars?, Series 9, Doctor Who - BBC One Doctor Who - Bigger on the Inside? (2016) New Doctor Who boss Chris Chibnall said show was 'cliched with silly monsters' Ask the Experts: Filming the Dam Scene in Before the Flood, Series 9, Doctor Who - BBC One New Doctor Who photo shows off the size of the Doctor's screwdriver Daleks of the Day: Dalek Cake of the Week In Print Comic: Who's Cat 18 - Mike Key Daleks of the Day: You may be the Emperor... Doctor Who's Osgood is terrified of the toilet and it's all because of Missy You'll never guess what the Doctor does in this unused scene from Mummy on the Orient Express Win copies of The Husbands of River Song

Whovian Reviews

Doctor Who Review: The Husbands of River Song Doctor Who Reviews - Short Trips - Black Dog Audio Who - Doctor Who - Time Reef / A Perfect World - A Big Finish Review Doctor Who Reviews - Twelfth Doctor #14 - The Hyperion Empire (Part Three) The Whovians Classics - Doctor Who - The Ribos Operation Doctor Who: Terror Of The Zygons by Robert Banks Stewart (TV series DVD review) The Whovians - The Sarah Jane Adventures - Invasion Of The Bane - A Review

Whovian Events

Science of the Timelords
Doctor Who Monsters at Science of the Timelords 2016 Silvester McCoy at Science of the Timelords 2016 Silvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred at Science of the Timelords 2016 Radio Controlled Dalek and Weeping Angel Fourth Doctor TARDIS Console replica walk round
Idiots Lantern 2015 Show
Doctor Who The Idiots Lantern 2015 Show: Reconstruction LIVE! Doctor Who: The Idiots Lantern 2015 Show: The Scottish Doctors Doctor Who: The Idiots Lantern 2015 Show: Masters of Love

Doctor Who Podcasts

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Doctor Who Product News

Drink like a Time Lord with this fan made Tardis decanter set Doctor Who Adventures 11

Whovian Tweets

David Lewis on Twitter Radio Times on Twitter Leicester Mercury on Twitter

Outside the TARDIS

'Who are you?' Doctor Who's Peter Capaldi sports epic beard in exclusive photoshoot Richard Coyle and Doctor Who's Michelle Gomez star in new Amazon drama The Collection Sir Terry Wogan 1938 - 2016

Blast from the Past

Colin Baker on Wogan 1986

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