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Doctor Who series 10 to start filming in May - but new companion is yet to audition Teacher's TARDIS classroom is a Who-ge success

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Matt Smith on Chris Chibnall as new showrunner

On the promotional circuit for Pride And Prejudice And Zombies, Matt Smith was asked by Digital Spy what he expected from newly announced future showrunner Chris Chibnall's take on Doctor Who. Here's what the Eleventh Doctor said: "That's a huge question.
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Please Get Me to the Church on Time

STORY : THE RUNAWAY BRIDE It has been a long time since I've touched a Tenth Doctor story. This is especially true with anything post Love & Monsters, as I was so disgusted and horrified by that episode that I essentially quit watching Doctor Who until Tennant left.

Classic Doctor Who Reviewed 2 REVIEW - TORCHWOOD: MORE THAN THIS - Planet Mondas The Blog of Delights: The Diary of River Song - Series 1

TARDIS Musings - Story 145 - Paradise Towers

In which the Doctor and Mel decide to have a short holiday. She picks a visit to Paradise Towers, which has a famous swimming pool on its roof. When they arrive in the vast residential complex, they find that it disappointingly run down. The corridors are rubbish strewn and the walls covered in graffiti.

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Doctor Who to land in Stockport

"Have you ever thought what it's like to be wanderers in the Fourth Dimension?" The First Doctor, An Unearthly Child Michael Herbert will be teaching an 11 week evening class on the history of the television programme, Doctor Who, starting on Monday 11 April 2016, at Aquinas College , Stockport.

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The War Doctor with Nick Briggs and Jacqueline Pearce New Tenth and Twelfth Doctor Comics

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Who should audition to be the next Doctor Who companion?

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