Doctor Who Roundup on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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Remember THAT Peter Capaldi speech? John Hurt just read it as the War Doctor

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Christopher Eccleston's best moments as the Ninth Doctor Doctor Who fan buys life-size Dalek without telling his wife. Now it lives at their daughter's school Doctor Who fan makes incredible 12th Doctor's sonic screwdriver using bottlecaps and cardboard Rob Hull - Owner of World's Largest Dalek Collection

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The Whovians Classics - Doctor Who - The Stones Of Blood Doctor Who Reviews - Twelfth Doctor #15 - The Hyperion Empire (Part Four) BROMANCE BLOSSOMS

The Twelfth Doctor: Year Two #2 - A Review

When a colleague mysteriously disappeared after taking a job at an exclusive private school, Clara Oswald felt compelled to investigate things on her own. Naturally, The Doctor saw fit to get involved as well.

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MCM Comic Con Midlands 2016 Telford VLOG Gallifrey One 2016: 24 pictures that will make you want to be a Doctor Who fan in LA right now Gallifrey One 2016 - Doctor Who: The Fan Show Lindalee Rose interviews Michelle Gomez ('Missy/The Master') Doctor Who Lindalee Rose interviews Ingrid 'Osgood' Oliver (Doctor Who) Lindalee Rose & Sir John Hurt - Interview (Doctor Who, Alien)

Series Nine Exhibits Materialise at Doctor Who Experience

Series Nine materialises at the Doctor Who Experience with a new range of exhibits. The episodic collection will include Davros and his hospital room, ' Witch's Familiar' to all those who have followed the recent series.
TARDIS Studio Set Tours - Additional Dates Radio Free Skaro: Gallifrey One Is Required 2016 Doctor Who Comics Day Announced

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The Big Finish Podcast - Lucie Miller will return! by big-finish The Candy Jar Blog: Lethbridge-Stewart Moon Blink Cover & Blurb Revealed

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David Lewis on Twitter

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This early appearance proves Doctor Who star David Tennant always had time travel in his blood

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Attacked By A Silurian! - The Silurians - Doctor Who - BBC

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Doctor Who: Amorality Tale CD