Does this vital clue tell us when we'll see Peter Capaldi's replacement in Doctor Who?

When is Peter Capaldi leaving Doctor Who? It's the enigma that’s perplexed the hardiest of Whovian ever since it was announced that the Twelfth Doctor would be hanging up his sonic sunglasses for good this year.

When we'll see his replacement simply isn’t clear but many rumours have suggested that Capaldi would depart before the Christmas special. The actor himself even hinted the regeneration scene has already been filmed.

However, a new piece of information suggest that a new actor won't replace Capaldi pre-Christmas. Why? Because nobody's made the Thirteenth Doctor’s outfit yet.

Speaking to, Ray Holman – Doctor Who costume designer and the man who’ll help craft the Thirteenth Doctor’s look – suggested work wouldn’t start on the new Doctor's outfit until after the festive special has finished filming.

“I think they’ll need me after the Christmas show,” he said. “As soon as that’s finished in the autumn I will start talking to Chris [Chibnall, series 11 Doctor Who showrunner] – once I know who they’ve chosen to be the Doctor.”

Asked what plans he had for the new costume, Holman replied: “I know there’s a lot of speculation about who the next Doctor is, but until that person is cast there’s no point in me thinking about it.”

So, there's no new outfit designed and no casting decision made. Pretty conclusive evidence that Capaldi will be flying the Tardis until the Christmas special, right?

Perhaps not. It’s possible that the new Doctor has been cast, with the regenerated Time Lord making their first appearance in the series 10 finale and simply wearing Capaldi’s costume for the entirety of the Christmas special. There’s no reason why he needs a new outfit designed, right? It's feasible, but it’s not how previous Who regenerations have gone down before.

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