Original Ice Warrior Head from Doctor Who Found

It’s not everyday you find a screen used Classic Doctor Who Prop, let alone one that has such an iconic image as the Ice Warrior.

It was the monsters that first cemented Doctor Who’s popularity in 1964/5 and carried it through the earth-shattering change in lead actor in 1966. Patrick Troughton’s era is renowned for it’s monster stories and indeed, his second year is known as ‘The Monster Season’ for good reason.

Along with the latest adventures with the Daleks and Cybermen, a parade of new aliens graced TVs everywhere – none more long lasting in impact than The Ice Warriors.

They were so successful in their debut story that a return was swiftly arranged for Troughton’s last season in The Seeds of Death. The Pertwee era relied less on the past – despite three Dalek stories, the Cybermen didn’t return until the Fourth Doctor had arrived.

However, the Ice Warrior did return, not once but twice in consecutive years with “Curse of Peladon’ and ‘Monster of Peladon in 1973 and 1974 respectively.

And of course, they have returned in the modern series – facing down Matt Smith in Cold War and returning against Peter Capaldi this year.

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