The Almost Doctors - The 1960s by Babelcolour

Here is a glimpse of how Doctor Who may have looked in an alternative 1960s if original casting decisions had been accepted. 

Back in the '60s the title role was originally offered to a number of other actors before either William Hartnell or Patrick Troughton were cast in the part. For various reasons these offers never materialised into contracts to play the Doctor. This video is a window to an alternative reality where these initial choices took the job and starred in the series.

This is the first instalment of a two-part web series.

This edition stars Hugh David, Alan Webb, Geoffrey Bayldon, Cyril Cusack, Leslie French, Peter Cushing, Michael Hordern, Rupert Davies, Brian Blessed and Valentine Dyall in the eponymous role. They are transplanted in episodes from An Unearthly Child’, ‘The Reign of Terron’, 'The Crusade', ‘The Space Museum’, ‘The War Machines’, ‘The Evil of the Daleks’, ‘Tomb of the Cybermen’, ‘The Ice Warriors’, ‘The Web of Fear’ and 'The War Games'