Mark Gatiss is in the Doctor Who Christmas special

One little extra nugget of casting for the Doctor Who Christmas special has come to light. In an interview at San Diego Comic-Con, Steven Moffat has revealed that “Mark [Gatiss] is in the Christmas special”.

The exact role that Gatiss is going to be playing hasn’t been confirmed, as you might expect. But the man himself described working on the story by declaring ““it was amazing, it was a privilege, an honour”.

“It’s a beautiful episode for Peter to go out on, very Christmassy”, he added.

Capaldi added that Gatiss delivers “a wonderful performance” in the episode, teasing that he plays “a wonderful character who’s quite a resonant echo of the Doctor Who story”.

But that’s all we’re getting so far. The last time Mark Gatiss – who has, of course, written plenty of stories for the show – appeared in a Doctor Who episode was 2011’s The Wedding Of River Song, but on screen, his best known Who performance was 2007’s The Lazarus Experiment.

Via Digital Spy by Martin Prince, and Stewart Seyfried for the video