‘Doctor Who’ Stars Pearl Mackie and Michelle Gomez Recall Their Last Days on Set

With a new Doctor in Jodie Whittaker getting set to take Doctor Who in a bold new direction, the beloved series is saying goodbye to several of its cast members. While Peter Capaldi is set to return for his final go as everyone’s favorite Time Lord in the upcoming Christmas special, his co-stars Michelle Gomez and Pearl Mackie have left. Gomez and Mackie dropped by Yahoo TV’s suite at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 and chatted about their farewell.

In the final episode of Doctor Who‘s tenth series, the Doctor had to square off against two incarnations of The Master, one played by Gomez, and the other by David Tennant-era fan favorite, John Simm. Gomez was delighted by the experience.

Pearl Mackie and Michelle Gomez chatted about their last days on ‘Doctor Who’ with Yahoo TV at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 (Photo: Yahoo)

“That’s narcissism at its best, isn’t it?” says Gomez. “[It’s] deliciously, gloriously wrong. It was fun. It was weird. I’m looking at a male version of myself, loving myself. And it’s not on a kind of romantic level or physical level. It’s really digging me. It was beautifully nuanced and wonderfully played by another actor called John Simm. It was interesting and a challenge that I think worked, I hope.”

“My favorite bit was when he was putting on eyeliner,” chimes in Mackie. “I love that. He just sat there, practicing. I love that.”

Working on Doctor Who requires a lot of time on set, something Mackie noted when she recalled her last day of shooting. “The last day of the season was pretty epic, as you would expect,” she reminisces. “Ten months is a long time to be on set pretty much every day and it was kind of like a family by the time we wrapped it up.”

“The last day started for me in a read-through,” adds Gomez. “I was like, ‘This is the last time I will do this and the last time I’ll do that… It was a series of last times of everything and it was very, very sad.”

Via Yahoo TV