Bessie arrives at Beaulieu's National Motor Museum

The iconic car from the tales of the Time Lords is now on show at the National Motor Museum in the New Forest.

Doctor Who’s much-loved car Bessie, which was a favourite with millions of viewers for its futuristic features in the Seventies, has been put on show in "On Screen Cars" at the Beaulieu museum.

The Earth-based transport for Jon Pertwee’s third Doctor was a bright yellow vintage car replica which starred in many episodes of the cult sci-fi show across two decades.

The car first appeared in the Doctor Who and the Silurians episode in 1970 when the Doctor was stranded on planet Earth and exiled by the Time Lords without the use of his Tardis.

After a string of appearances in the show, Bessie’s last hurrah on the small screen came in 1993 with the charity special episode Dimensions in Time.

Bessie may look like a vintage car, but in reality is a 1954 Ford Popular 103E, fitted with a fibreglass tourer body made by Siva Engineering of Dorset.

Bessie joins the prestigious line-up of motoring stars in "On Screen Cars" at Beaulieu alongside the likes of Del Boy's Reliant Regal Supervan and Mr Bean's green Mini.

Via the Bournemouth Daily Echo