Jodie Whittaker’s new Doctor Who costume and TARDIS have been revealed

Just a few weeks after Jodie Whittaker’s Tardis team was revealed, yet more details of her new Doctor have been unveiled – the brand-new costume and TARDIS exterior that will feature in her first series next autumn.

A far cry from the black hoody seen in Whittaker’s announcement video, the new outfit is a typically colourful and eccentric look for the Doctor (with boots and braces Matt Smith’s incarnation would appreciate), while the Tardis seems to have had a bit of a makeover itself.

Gone is the St John’s Ambulance logo that’s appeared on the right-hand door since 2010 (having appeared on the original 1960s TARDIS as well), while the colour of the iconic “Pull handle to open” sign has inverted to a darker shade.

Via Radio Times by Huw Fullerton