Doctor Who Roundup - Edition of 24 December 2017

Doctor Who Roundup
A selection of the latest Whovian goodies from around the web

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Sunday, Dec. 24, 2017

The Doctor Who Yule log video has a few hints for the Christmas Special, If you stick around long enough

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thumbnail It’s that time of year when YouTube gets drowned in epic-lengthed videos of various, crackling fireplaces, and this year, even the Doctor Who channel is getting in the festive spirit. But at least th…

Peter Capaldi explains why he calls his character Doctor Who

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thumbnail Nothing has made hardcore fans grimace more than hearing their televisual hero referred to as "Doctor Who" because, as we all know, his name is The Doctor. Except that, according to Peter Capaldi, hi…

Peter Capaldi shares hope for his Doctor Who legacy

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thumbnail Peter Capaldi is looking back on his Doctor Who tenure as he prepares to walk away from the show he's loved since he was a boy. The 59-year-old Scottish actor will bow out of the role of The Doctor o…

Doctor Who is dead – long live Doctor Who!

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thumbnail On an uncharacteristically boiling hot day in South Wales, Peter Capaldi is putting the final touches to some peerless Doctor Who boshes. “Bosh!” the 59-year-old Scottish actor yells as he dodges one…

We go on set of Peter Capaldi's last Doctor Who episode

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thumbnail Digital Spy is standing on what appears to be a desolate alien landscape, eerily lit and covered in extra-terrestrial critters. So far, so Doctor Who. But what makes this particular set – at the Roat…

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