Titles for every episode in the new series and the cover for the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine, included in Monday's Doctor Who roundup

The BBC have released the titles for all the new series episodes and updated their 'Everything you need to know' page with more information, all this and more in today's roundup...

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Whovian Events

Big Finish Day 7 ----------- Windsor 19th September 2015

Doctor Who Podcasts (warning some may not be suitable for children)

Episode 86: Hotel Doctor Who Radio Free Skaro #493 - Another Brick In The Wall

Doctor Who Product News

5 things we learned from the first Torchwood audio drama GT: Time & Space

Hello Tweetie

Doctor Who Official on Twitter Doctor Who Magazine on Twitter

Outside the TARDIS

Arthur Darvill: My Legends of Tomorrow Time Master character is "totally different to the Doctor"

Little Shop

Whoogle's Little Shop - Terror of the Sontarans (Doctor Who Main Range)