Whovian Kids ask the Doctor and Hannah Hart interviews Charlie McDonnell, all in Sunday's Doctor Who roundup


Just six days until The Magician's Apprentice, to fill in the time here's today's links from the Whoniverse...

Whovian Kids ask the Doctor! - Doctor Who on BBC America w/ Peter Capaldi 'Doctor Who' teasers: 10 hints for 'The Magician's Apprentice' - CultBox The Doctor's Finest - A Look Back at 'The Time of the Doctor' - BBC America Doctor Who: 10 Most Compelling Series 9 Fan Theories The Doctor's Finest - Hannah Hart interviews Charlie McDonnell - BBC America Doctor Who: The Doctor's sonic screwdrivers ranked What's It Like Being The Doctor? - Series 9 Q&A - Doctor Who Doctors Finest Time of the Doctor Look Forward Digital YouTube Preset TARDIS Musings U.N.I.T. Illusionist Productions - The Home of Doctor Who Fan Audio Productions!: Doctor Who: 2.1 - "The Lesser of Four Evils - Part One" Timey Wimey Puppet Show Live at Dragon Con 2015: Regeneration Illusionist Productions - The Home of Doctor Who Fan Audio Productions!: Doctor Who: 2.2 - "The Lesser of Four Evils - Part Two" The Ten Doctors Part Four - by Babelcolour

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Doctor Who: Four to Doomsday (DVD Review)

Whovian Events

Doctor Who superfan Frank Skinner to quiz Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi at Radio Times Festival Big Finish Day 7 ----------- Windsor 19th September 2015

Doctor Who Podcasts (warning some may not be suitable for children)

ZEUS POD Episode 37 - Series 9 Preview by Doctor Who: Zeus Pod Staggering Stories Podcast " Blog Archive " Staggering Stories Podcast #219: Anticipation of Capaldi's Second Coming 2MTL 386: Doctor vs. Doctor Dirty WHOers podcast

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