Introduction video and image gallery for 'The Girl Who Died', these and much more in Tuesday's Doctor Who roundup

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Introduction to The Girl Who Died - Doctor Who: Series 9 Episode 5 (2015) - BBC One Whoogle's News Desk: The Girl Who Died - Gallery Why Maisie Williams is Perfect for Doctor Who Whoogle's News Desk: Interview with Maisie Williams and Jamie Mathieson 'Doctor Who' spoiler-free review: 'The Girl Who Died' - CultBox Maisie Williams tells of joy of working on Doctor Who Maisie Williams and 19 other actors who've crossed over between Doctor Who and Game of Thrones 'Doctor Who' teasers: 10 hints for 'The Girl Who Died' - CultBox TARDIS - Tales And Round-up Details In Spades 'Doctor Who' fans suggest sonic screwdriver replacements 'Doctor Who' spin-off speculation: Returning to Coal Hill School in 'Class' - CultBox Doctor Who's Day Roundup: Don't You Forget About Amy Doctor Who K-9 Robot Is Powered by Raspberry Pi and Talks Back I Got You Babe Corey Taylor On Why He Wouldn't Make A Good Doctor Who - Kerrang!

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Doctor Who News - Reviews: New Adventures With The Eleventh Doctor #14 - The Comfort Of The Good (Part One)

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Dalek and TARDIS to descend on Slough bowling alley for fundraiser Doctor Who Festival at ExCeL London Doctor Who and the Communist: the writing career and politics of Malcolm Hulke

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Maisie Williams hits out at "badly written" female characters who are "only there to benefit a male lead" Karen Gillan's done a pretty unforgettable Dubsmash with a special guest

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