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Peter Capaldi 'scares people' as he dresses up as creepy ghost, included in Monday's Doctor Who roundup


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Peter Capaldi 'scares people' as he dresses up as creepy ghost of Doctor Who Production Artwork - Before the Lake: Production Artwork - Before the Flood, Series 9, Doctor Who - BBC One Under the Lake - Official Rating How many of these Doctor Who and other sci-fi references did you spot in Before The Flood? 'Doctor Who': 10 Things You May Not Know About 'Before The Flood' Dr Whoot up for Auction Photograph of the complete Web of Fear and Enemy of the World film cans released (UPDATED) Slipknot set visit - Before the Flood: Slipknot Set Visit - Before the Flood, Series 9, Doctor Who - BBC One Where I Vent My Spleen: Doctor Who "Jigasw" Doctor Who writer reveals even they were sceptical about the Sonic Shades 'Doctor Who' and the sonic sunglasses: Thumbs up or thumbs down? Ian McNeice gets a surprise from an Ironside Dalek Who said it, the Doctor or Rick? Weekly Challenge Roundup: The best spaceship games! Weekly Challenge: Create a game featuring Missy!

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