'Heaven Sent' trailers and the Day after 'Face the Raven', included in Sunday's Doctor Who Roundup

Farewell Clara, we'll miss you...

Heaven Sent: Next Time Trailer - Doctor Who: Series 9 Episode 11 (2015) - BBC Heaven Sent: Official TV Trailer - Doctor Who: Series 9 Episode 11 (2015) - BBC Face the Raven, Series 9, Doctor Who - Face the Raven: The Fact File - BBC One Death and Consequences - Doctor Who: Series 9 (2015) - BBC 12 questions and some answers we have after Doctor Who Face The Raven Doctor Who: 9 Big Questions After Face The Raven Jenna reflects on her time with Peter - Doctor Who: Series 9 (2015) - BBC What was written on the Doctor's prompt cards in Doctor Who Face the Raven? Why does Clara face the raven? - Doctor Who: Series 9 (2015) - BBC Is Clara really dead after Face the Raven? Clara will NOT be back on Doctor Who says Capaldi The Raven Blooper - Doctor Who: Series 9 (2015) - BBC Clara and the Doctors The Return of Rigsy - Doctor Who: Series 9 (2015) - BBC Did you spot the Torchwood reference in this week's Doctor Who? Clara's 10 Most Heroic Moments You can actually find the hidden street from Doctor Who's Face The Raven in Cardiff Long Distance Clara... Did you spot the hidden monsters in this week's Doctor Who? Jenna Coleman's tears at her Doctor Who exit - with spoilers Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: Face The Raven - Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movie, TV News 'Doctor Who' fans on Twitter were not ready to face the raven Can you name the Doctor Who episode from just one picture of Jenna Coleman? Jenna Coleman has left Doctor Who, here's who should replace her Who will replace Jenna Coleman as the next Doctor Who companion?

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