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Friday, 6 November 2015

Steven Moffat's teaser and living in a Zygon State, included in Friday's Doctor Who Roundup


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Steven Moffat's teaser to The Zygon Inversion - Doctor Who: Series 9 Episode 8 (2015) - BBC Tips for living in a Zygon State Q&A with Kezia Newson - Doctor Who: The Fan Show TARDIS surprise for Mini Matt Smith (The Dream Tardis) Moments in Time - Farewell Vicki Why does the Time Vortex change? 15 of the best UNIT characters in 'Doctor Who' - CultBox Amy Pond Doctor Who 'pawn in Saturday night warfare', warns Peter Capaldi - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk Doctor Who quiz: Famous last words - which Doctor said it? Patrick Ness has written a "gross and evil and disgusting" scene for Doctor Who spin-off Class

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