Where's Clara? another 'The Zygon Inversion' preview, included in Thursday's Doctor Who Roundup


Remember, remember the fifth of November, have a safe bonfire night everyone in the UK, here's today's selection from the Whoniverse...

Where's Clara? - The Zygon Inversion: Preview - Doctor Who: Series 9 Episode 8 (2015) - BBC One This fan theory Steven Moffat posted in a chatroom in 1995 became a real Doctor Who episode Q&A with Jake Dudman - Doctor Who: The Fan Show 'Doctor Who' Season 10 filming plans remain uncertain - CultBox Could Lego Movie 2 feature Doctor Who? Liked 'The Zygon Invasion'? Watch these 'Doctor Who' stories - CultBox episode 2 teaser QUIZ: How well do you know your Doctor Who monsters? Doctor Who spin-off Class will focus on "brand-new" characters, says creator - but will Peter Capaldi appear?

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