Doctor Who Roundup on Monday, February 22, 2016

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Matt Smith telling a 13-year-old girl to watch Doctor Who is, like, totally something you HAVE to see Stop what you're doing. Matt Smith did a karaoke version of the Doctor Who theme tune Whovian Feminism Interviews Sarah Dollard

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The Whovians Classics - Doctor Who - The Androids Of Tara Review: DOCTOR WHO: EIGHTH DOCTOR #4 Doctor Who: The Best Possible Series 2016 The Blog of Delights: Doctor Who - Tales from the Vault Doctor Who: Aquitaine Review Doctor Who Reviews - Torchwood: Uncanny Valley Doctor Who Reviews - Torchwood: More Than This

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What Are Ribbons At Gallifrey One? - Doctor Who: The Fan Show

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WhoPods on Flipboard

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Everything we know about the new David Tennant and Catherine Tate Doctor Who adventures

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John Barrowman MBE on Twitter Anna Stiltskin on Twitter

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Peter Capaldi in The Complete Shakespeare Walk David Tennant loves his job so much he runs full speed to the set when they call his name

Blasts from the Past

Face To Face With A Tiger - In The Forest Of The Night - Doctor Who - BBC Silurian Unmasked & Interrogated - The Hungry Earth - Doctor Who - BBC

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