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Doctor Who Streaming on Amazon Prime Beginning in March

Welp, it wasn't the longest of national nightmares, but now it appears it is over. Last week, I wrote about how and where you could watch Doctor Who following its abrupt pulling from streaming services on February 1 of this year.
CraveTV announced to stream Doctor Who in Canada Jon Rollason 1932-2016

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Time And Tide Melts The Snowman: Part Two

Episode One of Time And The Rani is, so a lot of fans would have you believe, Where It All Went Wrong For Doctor Who. Actually, one or two of them say it's Paradise Towers Episode Two, but let's not split hairs here. This is the point at which, apparently, Doctor Who became entirely unwatchable.
Springfield Punx: Doctor Who; "End of Time" 10th Doctor This awesome cover of the Doctor Who theme proves that Time Lords can be totally metal Now every Doctor Who fan can write their name in Gallifreyan

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Doctor Who - The Magician's Apprentice - A Review - Part 1 Doctor Who - The Magician's Apprentice - A Review - Part 2

The Eighth Doctor #4 - A Review

Briarwood House. 1932. The Doctor and Josie Day are still following The Doctor's "to-do" list, uncertain of just where they are going and why they are going there. Still, the fancy party they find seems safe enough, though Josie tempts fate by saying the whole thing reminds her of an Agatha Christie novel and those always have a murder.
Doctor Who: The Masque Of Mandragora by Louis Marks (DVD Doctor Who review) Genesis of the Cybermen

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Neve McIntosh ('Madame Vastra') & Lindalee Rose talk Doctor Who Peter Davison lands at L.I. Who 4!

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Big Finish: Fourth Doctor Adventures finale

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Doctor Who's Samuel Anderson joins DCI Banks Doctor Who's Jenna Coleman is having a royally good time on the set of Victoria

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