Aftermath of the Witch's Familiar and Under the Lake trailer all in Sunday's Doctor Who roundup

Today's roundup includes 'The Witch's Familiar' roundup (will be constantly updated throughout the week), also please vote in the poll and add your comments.
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Under the Lake: Official TV Trailer - Doctor Who: Series 9 Episode 3 (2015) - BBC One What does the new Doctor Who trailer tell us about episode three? Whoogle's Episode Roundup: The Witch's Familiar roundup The Witch's Familiar, Series 9, Doctor Who - The Witch's Quiz! - BBC One Why wasn't the Tardis destroyed by the Daleks? Doctor Who: Goodbye Sonic Screwdriver, hello Sonic Shades 14 questions we have after Doctor Who: The Witch's familiar Ten Thoughts About Doctor: The Witch's Familiar - And The Killing Joke? (SPOILERS) - Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movie, TV News How many of these Daleks did you spot in The Witch's Familiar? Doctor Who: 10 Big Questions After The Witch's Familiar How well do you remember Doctor Who: The Witch's Familiar? DOCTOR WHO GOES GANGSTA (The Rise of Moffat) (Cartoon Spoof) Whatever Happened to Web of Fear 3 ? Peter Capaldi has bad news for BBC bosses and their Doctor Who plans

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